LSD 39


Mount Vernon, VA

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Historical Notes:

USS MOUNT VERNON (LSD 39) is the fifth ship commissioned in the United States Navy to bear the proud name of MOUNT VERNON.

MOUNT VERNON was built by Quincy Ship Building Division, General Dynamics Corp., in Quincy, Massachusetts. The keel was laid in January, 1970 and construction was complete in April, 1971. Following commissioning ceremonies on 13 May 1972 at Boston Naval Shipyard, the Ship sailed for its designated homeport of San Diego, California. This remained LSD-39’s homeport until the 22nd of July 1985, when it was changed to Long Beach, California. This change was short lived, and MOUNT VERNON returned to her previous home port of San Diego, California in the late 80s and remains here today.

USS MOUNT VERNON is 562 feet in length and has a beam of 84 feet at the widest point. Fully loaded, the ship displaces 13,700 tons with a mean draft of 19 feet measured from the keel to the water line. The ship was designed to transport and operate heavy landing craft from a large well deck. Wet-well evolutions are facilitated through the use of a complex, electro-hydraulically controlled ballasting and de-ballasting system. The ship’s habitability features provide for the berthing, messing and cargo transport of approximately 330 fully equipped combat troops of a landing force in addition to the ship’s crew of over 320 Sailors.

Mission and function of the command

The Amphibious Ready Group, which executes it’s tasks in support of the Navy’s force projection mission which is composed of LHA, LHD, LPD, LSD class ships. MOUNT VERNON is one of three remaining Anchorage class LSDs and was the first ship modified to support Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) operations. Today MOUNT VERNON remains an integral part of the amphibious landing force with the capability to provide aviation support as well as deep well operations. The mission is, “To embark, deploy, and land elements of a Marine Landing Force in an assault by helicopter, landing craft, amphibious vehicles, and a combination of these methods.”

Since reporting for duty with the Pacific Fleet. MOUNT VERNON has completed fifteen operational deployments with Seventh Fleet in the Far East. The ship was deployed with the Middle East Force for Operations in the Persian Gulf from October 10, 1987 to February 1988. In 1989 Mount Vernon also played an integral part coordinating clean up efforts as Control ship in the greatly publicized Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound, Valdez, Alaska.

MOUNT VERNON most recently deployed in May of 2000 to South East Asia in support of Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT). CARAT is a series of multinational, bilateral exercises conducted throughout South East Asia annually. Countries participating in exercises were the Republic of the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. During CARAT 2000, MOUNT VERNON was assigned to SEVENTH Fleet, and embarked a full marine complement and several support detachments.

Ship's Crest:

Description of Coat of Arms: The shield is symbolic of the MOUNT VERNON's important role in supporting our nation's defense. The large triangle represents MOUNT VERNON after discharging three LCU's, denoted by three small triangles. the area between the jaffed "embattled lines" is known in heraldry as the "fields of combat" and is shown as a field of red. The LCU's, our main "element of combat",cross the field of combat and spearhead the amphibious assault of a hostile, foreign shore. The symbol also displays the traditional Navy colors of blue and gold.

In the upper right hand corner of the shield stands the ancient mythical sea dog, one of the original amphibians, symbolizing the MOUNT VERNON's amphibious tradition.

The four stars, two on either side of the ship's name, commemorate the exemplary service of the four previous US Navy ships named MOUNT VERNON. They served from the Civil War through World War I and II to face the conflicts and challenges of today. MOUNT VERNON's motto,exitus acta probat, is taken directly from the George Washington family coat of arms. This was also the motto of George Washington's home, Mount Vernon, after which the ship was named. Exitus acta probat means "action produces results."


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LSD 39 Photo
LSD 39 Photo
LSD 39 Photo
LSD 39 Photo

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