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The Truxtun was named after Commodore Thomas Truxtun (1755-1822) embarked upon his seafaring career at age 12. By the age of 16, he was pressed into service in the Royal Navy. By the time he was 20, he had risen to command of Andrew Caldwell, bringing large quantities of gunpowder into Philadelphia in 1775.

He signed on as a lieutenant onboard the Congress, the first privateer to be fitted out for service against Great Britain, and in 1776-77 participated in the capture of many prizes. Successively, he commanded Independence, Commerce and St. James.

At a dinner in Truxtun's honor, George Washington declared his services had been worth those of a regiment. When the United States Navy was organized, he was selected as one of its first six captains on June 4, 1798. He was assigned command of the Constellation, one of the new frigates, and he put to sea immediately to prosecute the undeclared naval war with revolutionary France.

On Feb. 9, 1799, Truxtun scored the first of his two most famous victories. After an hour's fight, Constellation battered the French warship L’Insurgente into submission in one of the most illustrious battles of the Quasi-War with France. Truxtun retired from the Navy as a commodore and has had five previous ships carry his name: DD 14, DD 229 , APD-98 and CGN-35.

The first TRUXTUN was a brig launched in 1842 and destroyed after ;running aground off the coast of Mexico in 1846.

The second TRUXTUN (DD-14) was a destroyer in service from 1902 to 1919.

The third TRUXTUN (DD-229) was a destroyer in service commissioned in 1921 and accidentally wrecked in 1942.

The fourth TRUXTUN (APD-98) was laid down as a destroyer escort DE-282 in 1943, but completed as a high-speed transport in 1945, later transferred to Taiwan and renamed Fu Shan.

The fifth TRUXTUN (CGN-35), originally DLGN-35, was a guided missile cruiser.

The sixth TRUXTUN (DDG-103) is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer that is currently under construction.

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